Fight the cramps!

We laugh in the face of menstrual cramps. Laugh with us because we don't want your period to take over your everyday life.

Our Story

We are Philipp and Leonie, and we met during our master's studies. We quickly realized that we share similar ideas about life and values and that founding our own company is the best way to combine career and passion.

We quickly realized what problem we wanted to solve because:

  • When girlfriends around you faint from pain
  • When you have to say goodbye to your party because you can no longer look straight ahead due to abdominal pain
  • When some men still smile at period pain, but also women

Then it becomes clear that we have to do something about it.

You are not yourself when you have abdominal pain.

From her own experience, Leonie knew that a hot water bottle could be a blessing on difficult days. However, using a conventional hot water bottle is only possible at home due to its size and the need for a kettle. That's why we decided to work to ensure that women's everyday lives are no longer determined by their periods.

That's why we developed Wampys:

A mobile, sustainable, and discreet way to combat period pain with the heat on the go. In 2022, we officially founded Wampy GmbH. When we finished our master's degree 6 months later, we embarked on the Wampys adventure full-time. Since December, we have been online and improving women's everyday life with our innovative products.

Our production in Berlin