What are Wampy heat pads?

A Wampy is an instant warmer that warms up to about 50-55° when activated and stays warm for up to one hour. Whether at home or on the go - you can activate the Wampy at any time by simply twisting it and inserting it into the pocket of your panties. The pockets are sewn into the underpants from the inside and are invisible from the outside. The heat reduces pain and has an antispasmodic effect. You can reuse the heat pads by simply placing them in boiling water for 10-15 minutes.

Made with Love in Berlin

We produce under fair conditions at various locations in Germany. While insanely great women sew our underpants and sweaters in Berlin, the Wampys (the heat pads) come from North Rhine-Westphalia.

Who is behind Wampys?

Leonie and Phil founded Wampys together while at university. Leonie suffers from severe menstrual pain, which is how the idea came about. Together they want to make everyday life easier for women by tackling period pain with an innovative approach and a healthy dose of humor. Women should no longer let their menstruation determine their everyday life and should always feel comfortable in their bodies.

Frequently asked Questions?